Sponsored Policy

Manufacturers, suppliers, and other product and service providers have undue influence over your general health, inclusive of cognitive health. This is a fact that we are aware of as a site and respect.

We may, therefore, receive sponsorships in the form of product or service advertising. This kind of relationship enables us as a site to provide you with accurate, complete, quality, and highly informative online health content at no indicated price or costs incurred.

We only offer our sponsors the opportunity to bring and market their product information. We aim at creating a surrounding or situation in which the reader can benefit all on their own through the information we provide them.

Through this sponsorship relationship, we continue to grow as a site. Through continued publishing of highly informative content, we ensure our readers are more informed and make better decisions and healthy choices.


  • To ensure better cognitive health and growth in all our readers from across the globe.
  • To provide reliable, credible and essential tools, health materials and better cognitive health education; to be based on widely done research,
    statistical health issues and other emergent studies and facts.
  • To send and communicate positive cognitive health information and messages.

Editorial Policy

The content that is produced, reviewed, selected and posted on our site is done by experienced and expert health writers and editors.