Privacy Policy

This policy provides detailed explanations of the processes used by the site to obtain personal information and the process in which it is used and or disseminated for use.

It also provides an option to control how personal information gathered is put into use and enumerates precautions taken to ensure security and prevent any form of unauthorized access.

Services provided through the site comes in different mediums, including mobile applications, devices and are not limited to educative content, sponsored content, news, personalized content, communication and reference tools, and discussion boards.

Policy Changes

It fundamental to note that the site reserves the right to make any changes to the privacy policy. For any significant change, you, as a user, will be informed of it before its publishing.

If minor, you may or may not be informed of it. You, therefore, have to continuously update your privacy policy statement each time you use the site.

Collected Information

Information collected by the site falls into three categories

  • Unregisters Visitors: They have the ability to access limited information on the site. These visitors do not disclose any form of personal information or any information that can be used to identify them.
  • Registered Visitors: Visiting clients or visitors are required to provide personally identifying information such as names, personal addresses, email addresses among other details.
  • Outside Sources: The site can also obtain information from third parties to the site especially in offering assistance in order to complete or successfully offer the desired type of service

Other Information Sources

  • Discussion Boards: You reserve the right to the information appearing on the site’s discussion boards since its part of your individual or personal profile. If the information on the boards is private, be sure to remove it.
    This is because information on the discussion boards are considered public and are or can be shared with other third party entities.
  • Market Research: Participation in sponsored or non- sponsored surveys or market scans done through invitation on your emails, popup menus and sites among others provides another way for the site to collect information
  • Forms And Emails: For additional access to information or site content, you might be required to fill in additional information through emails and online forms

Children’s Privacy

The site is committed to ensuring that children are protected. We aim to provide important information that can be consumed by all.

However, for any information that is deemed not fit for children, access is limited to individuals that are over the legal age limit.

Use And Information Disclosure

Information given is only used subject to this privacy policy and only for the authorized uses that have been consented to by you.

Aggregate Data

This data is developed and used in product improvement activities, market research, and analysis.

This information can be provided to third parties. Still, in a way that does not devolve, you’re identifying your personal information, such as the percentage of individuals present in a specific geographical area.

Third parties have to agree to such procedures where personal information is not issued to them if offered any records.

Third Parties

They include

  • Companies: This refers to other companies that you interact with while using our site.
  • Companies And Personnel Working On Our Behalf: This refers to those who work for us whose licensure may require validation by a third party which should be in compliance with our terms of use and privacy policy.
  • Market Research: Participating in such activities as indicated above may lead to identification and collection of personal information.
  • Business Transfers: If the site transfers services to other sites or companies, then the companies are legally bound to follow through and comply with the terms and conditions
  • Legal Requirements: Personally identifiable information collected on the site can only be released if it
    • Is in compliance with a legal requirement including the law, search warrants, court orders, subpoenas and other regulations
    • In response to a reasonable threat , accident and other unfortunate occurrences
  • Consent: your consent will always be sought before any personally identifying information is shared at all.

Information Security

The sites takes in all measures to ensure protection of information collected at all times

General Policies

The site ensures protection and confidentiality of collected information by putting down essential security measures.

This ensures that restrictions are maintained and access is offered to all those that have been authorized. This is mainly done using passwords and individual usernames.


They are instructed to keep confidential information and personal information, private and confidential. Diversion of the said information is a crime that can lead to legal action and employee’s contract termination.