Advertising Policy

These are guidelines that we have established which are aimed at governing the various advertising aspects conducted on our site.

It may include the website as a whole and any mobile applications that are directed towards the consumers or the website consumer properties. The terms to be used for advertising and advertisements in this section may include sponsored content, badges, third-party banners, and contextual advertising.

The site reserves the right to remove, reject, cancel, add, display, and accept advertisements at their discretion. It is the responsibility of the site to ensure that the policy is followed.

Also, the right reserves the right to change the advertising policy as they deem fit. Prompt notifications are issued in case an advertisement is to be removed, rejected, or canceled.

The site reserves the right to determine the type of advertisement that the website will accept and display. This does not indicate any form of endorsement for a specific or any company that manufactures, advertises, promotes, or distributes such products or services.

Besides, the site does not receive any advertising that is not accurate, complete, or has mishandled in one way or another making it professionally unfit.

Prohibited or Unacceptable Advertising

  • Objectionable products; the site reserves the right to determine what product is illegal or objectionable in nature.
  • Deceptive or fraudulent products and services.
  • Misrepresentation, incriminating or ridicule whether real or implied by either an individual, a group or for individual personal reasons.
  • Alcoholic in nature, use of tobacco and any other form of substance abuse.
  • Advertisements targeting below the legal age limit, contain unsubstantiated claims, extend beyond the designated space, mimics computer functions among others.
  • Firearms, ammunition and any other forms of weapons.
  • Pornographic materials.
  • Gambling products or adverts

The site is fully aware of the differences between sponsored content, advertising, and editorial content. Each is specially treated and has its own guidelines that vary.

By clicking on an advertisement link, you will move to the third party sites or the indicated sponsored content on the link.

The site retains the right to display all of the site’s advertisement keyword and topics. Any content that has been listed comes with an indication or its source. Sponsored content is clearly labeled.