Disclosure Policy

We are required to offer sufficient disclosure in relation to any form of relationships that are present between the site’s content and the site and manufacturers, service providers and suppliers.

Here are the disclosure guidelines followed:

The site is a commercial site that is designed to run on adverts on different pages that are sponsored by Ad marketing in relation to health and cognitive health information by us on other associated companies.

The site receives no form of payment for reviews for the time or resources spent for it. However, we may get paid if a link to a specific product or service is purchased through our link.

We may receive a commission. Publishers, product suppliers, advertisers and manufacturers have no influence or stakes in what appears on our sites.

Reviews are factual in nature and verifiable as we aim to provide actionable but honest, complete and accurate information and assessment of the product.

Content might include a subjective summary which are written based on individual experiences of the reviewer or their own personal opinions.

We attempt to ensure consensus of provided information through reviewing other information provided on other sites, inclusive of other user experiences. We attempt to provide you with an accurate picture of the overall perception in our reviews.

If to you the information provided is inaccurate in any way, you have the chance to help us correct it by contacting us through our contact information.

Information provided will be assessed and we will have the opportunity to correct the content as soon as it is verified and ascertained.

Any content that appears on the site in relation to products and other services created by us as a company advertising marketing, or sponsored has a unique label or designation i.e. from a specific sponsor (sponsors name), or sponsored by (sponsors name) or promoted by (sponsors name) or just by (sponsors name).

Any product names, brands, trademarks or logos appearing on the site are the property of the individual owners and holders. These are only used to describe the products used and the service offered.

This usage in no way represents or indicates any form of a relationship between the site and the manufacturers, service and product providers or suppliers. Any usage of third party trademarks on the site falls under nominative fair use and is under the trademark laws.

In addition, the referred or said trademarks are neither affiliated to the site, content appearing on the site, services or products or even websites. They neither endorse, sponsor or promote any opinion or have any form of influence on the completeness or correctness of our endeavours as a site, comments or even products.

It is fundamental to understand the difference between the reviewer, the manufacturer, service and product providers and suppliers.

It is essential to know that the comments and opinions expressed on the site do or may not reflect those of the product or service owners especially in reference to any reviewed services or products.

As a potential content consumer and a visitor to the sites, any comments, contributions, additions or better yet corrections are always welcome.