How Daily Dose of Cannabis May Protect the Brain From Effects of Aging?

There are a lot of types of uses for the drug Cannabis or famously called “Marijuana”. It is a drug that is from the family of plants that includes hemp. But people would often think Marijuana as a drug that most of the illegal people use, as they use this for personal pleasure, or use this for trading and earn more money.

The use of this drug produces a sense of euphoria, which also causes impairments in your sense of judgment, and response time.[1] But even if some people declare that this drug produces effects like these, some people still use it for medical purposes, it is only because it is effective.

Does Marijuana Have Positive Health Effects?

Yes. It may be a shocking revelation, but yes it has. People often have that misconception that Marijuana only brings negative effects, nothing more nothing less but danger.

It is also true that this drug also brings danger, if you use It negatively, like using Marijuana to relieve hunger or to prevent sleep. Then that would be the time that you would be experiencing all those unhealthy effects and would suffer from the different side effects that it gives.

What does Marijuana do?

It helps your skin. If you apply Marijuana to your skin by means of vaporizing or eating it, it will affect your testosterone levels and it will impact the amount of oil that your skill will produce, that amount of oil will give beneficial effects to your skin, especially in the facial region.

But it is a different story when you will smoke it, as it gives harmful effects from the different compounds and combustion byproducts that are very toxic, such as free radicals and carcinogens.[2]

It is also discovered that Marijuana gives positive effects to all patients that have been suffering from conditions of arthritis, chronic pain, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and spasticity associated with diseases that are very similar to Parkinson’s Disease.[3] A test was even conducted by different researchers.

What they did was they gave a low dosage of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol to groups of mice in different ages as a part of an investigation of studying the brain systems that are involved in the aging process.

The point is that at the end of the study, it has shown that the mood, memory, and sensations such as pain have become even more receptive compared to normal levels.[4]

But does Daily Dose have Negative Effects?

Effects CannabisAbsolutely yes. Whatever you consume or take inside your body, especially Cannabis will always have a negative effect. But not if you take it responsibly.

If you take in other things in your body, and at the same time you are also harming your body, but that still depends on what you take inside your body other than Cannabis.

There are things that will put on positive effects in your body together with Cannabis, in other words, they compliment each other. But it is a way different story when you take in Cannabis in a very irresponsible way, if you do so, it may harm your body.

“Though an interesting finding, the study does not shed light on the effect of THC on people with dementia, as it only looked at age-related memory decline in mice.”

The study also does not reveal anything about the effect of cannabis on dementia, or memory problems in old age, as THC is only one of many chemicals that make up cannabis, and we don’t know what effects the other chemicals might have. “Words by Dr. Doug Brown Director of Research at Alzheimer’s Society.

This discovery has helped a lot of people that have been suffering from the different effects of aging. These are people that are hoping that someday, there would be a fix, or a solution to everything that they are experiencing, even at a very old age.

People are hoping that there must be something out there that would help them out in their suffering now, and there is. In fact, in not only help people that are suffering from the side negative effects of aging, but it also boosts out those normal people to perform in an almost at an extraordinary level.

“If we can rejuvenate the brain so that everybody gets five to 10 more years without needing extra care then that is more than we could have imagined,” a wild statement by Andras Bilkei-Gorzo at the University of Bonn.[5]

What are the Ways That Cannabis Counter Aging?

Cannabis Counter Aging

Since people approve the use of Cannabis, simply because it legitimately gives out good results and amazing outcomes, they give time to research about it and discover what the effects that cannabis has been. Here are some of the effects that it gives out, especially in the aspect of countering aging.

  • Hemp has Benefits. What is hemp? It is something like a beneficial material. It is a resource that extracts out oil forms that could serve as a solution that is very rich in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is a skin-health nutrient that is essential and promotes quality sebum production.

    So, its something similar to what you hear in the medical store and the prescriptions of the people that you see in the various ads on the television. But the only hemp contains a variety of antioxidants. Hemp, however, is also very rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, both are fatty acids and are very essential if you talk about skin care health.[6]

  • It Has ECS or Endogenous Cannabinoid System. ECS or Endogenous Cannabinoid System preserves Homeostasis. There has been a lot of studies that are connected somehow to Cannabis and anti-aging, most studies are done in mice because it is quite impossible to do practice or make humans as a test subject.

    According to Dr. Mark Ware, who is a clinical researcher at McGill University, he had proclaimed these words in a Scientific American Cannabis article, “We know the endogenous cannabinoid system’s (ECS) primary function is to try to preserve homeostasis within a given brain circuit. It works like an internal regulator; when there’s too much neuronal activity, cannabinoids suppress activity to prevent neurotoxicity.”

    This statement implies that it is absolutely not impossible to restore the protection that you usually had in your brain as a safeguard that functions against cellular stress and pain. Those negative things give a wide effect in regard to your aging process.

Some researchers claim that if it is possible that Cannabis could possibly “recharge” the system of a human body, then, therefore, it is also possible to reverse, or at least even to reduce to the cognitive slowdown of a human body, even in terms of aging.

Injects Drug Vaccine

That is what the researchers have observed when they were doing the rigorous exams and studies with the mice.

When they did the study to the brain tissue and gene activity of the mice, after putting a low dosage of THC treatment, they have found out that, the genetic signature of the mice has no longer looked similar to what it usually looks like.

By saying what it looks like, they meant that what usually looked like before they had conducted the experiments to the mice.

Some of the results even show that the cognitive ability of the mice appears to be the ability of the older mice, but then it is shown in the younger mice. Meaning, it is possible that you could boost up the performance of your brain, in the use of Cannabis.

Not just that, one result has also shown that the Cannabis made the mice have their nerve links in the brain tissue be an increase at an enormous level. That could affect something that will improve the learning and the thinking speed of the mice.[7]

Other studies also conclude that Cannabis, even with a small dosage given, could boost up your psychoactive aspect in a huge level. That only occurs when the dosage is applied in a steady progression.

After a while, effects could possibly grow in your body, which will improve your performance in the different cognitive tasks. But even if you take in a really low dosage, then it should also be fine, even if still, you don’t perform it in a steady way, it should still give you out positive outcomes.[8]

Cannabis also helps you in your aging process, as what it has been mentioned throughout the article. However, extreme dosage or heavy use of Cannabis could permanently impair cognition and be disputed. Some tests also show that younger ages of subjects are to perform worse in learning and also in memory tests.

These effects showed after different hours and days after smoking Cannabis. So, compared to the experiments and tests conducted to the mice, the mice have taken a low dosage, which implies that maybe, if you take in a high level of Cannabis, it could give you a negative effect, which will lead to different ailments.

However, these are not the only effects that Cannabis gives. These are just the effects that focus mainly on the aging aspect of a person. There are some effects that affect a person who regularly or abusively uses Cannabis. There are effects such as stimulating the appetite, which could result to increase in food consumption.

Not necessarily giving them the type of hunger all the time in order to eat, but mostly giving the person a better appetite or a sense of taste. It sometimes, in rare cases show weight gain, from those patients who have taken THC and they were having weight loss problems before taking in THC.

Well some people who really do take Cannabis in a regular level, such as inhaling it or consuming it more, it gives them a problem that makes them consume more calories, especially from those that are fatty and sugary snacks. Which is way different than those who are inhaling a placebo.

Morning Sickness

Some effects such as Nausea and vomiting are also evident to others that are taking Cannabis. There was a 2001 systematic review of 30 studies, that involves synthetic cannabinoids[9] which are dronabinol, nabilone or levonantradol, they are all compared with a placebo or active control, which is not a cannabinoid drug.

After the research and the different study, it is found out that cannabinoids are more effective than the active control, or the one that is the placebo. It resulted that they are better at reducing vomiting and nausea. So some patients, because of this research study, they tend to take Cannabis during certain operations.

Pain relief is also another effect of Cannabis. A small study at McGill University Health Center which was occurred during 2012, investigated 21 adults, that has post-traumatic or postsurgical neuropathic pain.

These participants are tested by professional researchers and they were to do smoking at home three times a day. At the end of the study, it was discovered that Cannabis gives out an improved sleep experience, and at the same time, it also reduces pain.


Does Cannabis or Marijuana really give out positive effects? Well, with the help of the different studies, experiments and researchers conducted, it does. However, not everything gives out its best, it always has a dark side.

The dark side of Cannabis is that when you abusively use it because of the positive effects it gives, it may destroy your body, due to the mishandling of the medicine, or drug in some cases. Is it worth the risk? Absolutely not.

If this drug would be recommended by the World Health Organization and is not going to be declared as illegal by some states and countries, then this could be the very best solution amongst everything.

If doctors and hospitals approve of this, then trust their discernment, if it suits you well, then goes for it. It’s ironic that people will be desperate to do anything just for them to be healed and fine, even if it takes the person to digest the so-called “illegal drug” Marijuana.

As long as it will not harm you, you will not abuse it, you will be very responsible for digesting it, then go for it.

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