Nootropic Supplement – Which Brain Enhancement Supplements are Credible?

Nootropic Supplements

The brain plays a vital part in the human body, allowing for a person to process information, think and respond to a conversation, solve complex mysteries and, of course, be able to store and recall memories. Without the brain, we would not be able to live our lives as we do.

We would not be able to learn new skills, process any type of information and we would not be able to communicate efficiently with those around us.

With the brain being one of the most important organs in the human body, it comes as no surprise that diseases and medical conditions that affect the brain could have detrimental consequences in store for a person suffering from such problems.

It is not only medical concerns that may have us worried about how our brain functions, but even certain factors that affect us on a daily basis may have harmful effects on brain function and possibly lead to a reduction in a person’s mental function.

For those seeking assistance in improving their mental function when there is no disease or particular medical condition behind their symptoms, there is a large range of brain supplements that can be utilized.

While quite a lot of these brain supplements are overly promoted without providing any effective results as compared to the particular claims they make, there are some gems amongst these supplements that do include formulas that have the potential to help a person improve several aspects of their brain’s overall wellbeing and function.

We would like to take a closer look at why so many people experience reduced mental performance, but instead of focusing on diseases or health conditions that directly affect the brain’s health, we rather want to look at stressors and other potential aspects that causes people to experience poor mental performance, inadequate memory function and difficulty concentrating when they need to focus on a task-at-hand.

We will also take a look at some general brain supplements that do have what it takes to help a person experience significant improvements in how their brain functions, and consider some important tips that will help our readers make the right choice should they opt for such a supplement.

What Causes Poor Mental Health and Performance?

Nootropic Supplements

Let’s start by looking at what causes a person to experience a reduction in their mental performance, as well as poor mental health.

As we have mentioned before, we will not be focusing on diseases like Alzheimer’s disease that are known to contribute to mental decline, but rather focus on everyday factors that have an adverse effect on how healthy our brains are and how well we can perform mentally.

While we are not going to focus on Alzheimer’s disease that has a physical effect on the brain, as well as certain other medical conditions that adversely affect brain function, we do want to mention that depression and anxiety disorders are some of the most problematic mental illnesses that affect the mental performance of a person.

Healthline[1] explains that, while it is commonly known that depression causes problems with a person’s mood, many fail to realize that depression also has a considerable impact on mental health and performance.

In addition to feeling sad, irritable and hopeless, depression has also been linked to short-term memory loss.

Another important factor that greatly contribute to memory loss and even confusing, as well as concentration difficulties, is stress. The modern world causes a lot of stress, due to schedules that are packed with multiple daily tasks and for many people, reaching their daily goals is simply impossible.

When a person is unable to finish their work, it constantly adds more stress to their lives. When the person has to take their work home, it could lead to relationship problems. It is not only work that affects our stress levels, but also our life outside of the workplace.

Relationship troubles, money problems, dealing with illness in the family and many other factors greatly contributes to stress, which then leads to mental decline and reduced cognitive performance.

According to Mayo Clinic[2], stress and depression can greatly contribute to poor mental health, but there are many other daily factors that can lead to problems with memory loss.

  • Several types of medication are known to contribute to memory loss, confusing and make it more difficult for a person to concentrate. Examples of such medication include sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs, certain antidepressants, muscle relaxants and also many types of tranquilizers.
  • Alcohol is also known to have an effect on mental performance. Moderate alcohol consumption does not have any serious implications on a person’s mental health, but may still cause some memory loss for a very short period of time. Alcoholism, however, can lead to more serious mental impairments.
    Additionally, it should also be noted that alcohol is known to interact with certain types of medication, which could cause memory impairment to become more severe.
  • Certain vitamin deficiencies are also known to contribute to memory loss and poor concentration.
    One particularly important vitamin that is known to contribute to these problematic symptoms when there is not enough of the vitamin in a person’s body is vitamin B12. This particular deficiency is especially common amongst the elderly.
  • Suffering from an injury directly to the head may also contribute to poor mental health, as well as confusion and memory loss.

How Natural Supplements May Help Restore Optimal Mental Performance?

Nootropic Medicines

When certain diseases develop, such as Alzheimer’s disease, a patient would have to see a healthcare provider and obtain the right treatment plan to help reduce the rate at which the disease is affecting their brain.

Depression can also be effectively treated with antidepressants, but there are some facts to consider – for example, as we have discussed previously, some forms of antidepressants can cause memory loss and brain fog.

Luckily, there are alternative ways to improve mental performance, reduce the frequency and severity of brain fog, and improve the overall well-being of the brain. We are referring to natural brain supplements.

A large number of supplements have been launched on the market in recent years, and some of these products do offer effective formulas that have helped millions of people regain their optimal mental performance and get back to living life the way it is meant to be lived.

When switching to a natural supplement to assist with improving mental performance, one of the most beneficial facts to consider is that these supplements do not contain any chemicals found in pharmaceutical drugs.

This also means that the risk factors associated with taking such a supplement are considerably lower as compared to taking pharmaceutical drugs to help assist with memory loss, confusion, stress and other problems that are affecting mental performance.

In addition to the fact that natural supplements hold lower risk factors as compared to pharmaceutical products, we also want to focus on the fact that a pharmaceutical drug is developed to target a specific problem and will have no other effects in the body, apart from the possibility that an adverse reaction may be experienced.

A natural supplement, on the other hand, often include ingredients that are beneficial for more than just brain power.

A large number of the ingredients that are often included in these products have additional positive effects in the human body, such as causing an improvement in blood circulation and protecting the heart.

Since these supplements often also include a range of vitamins and minerals, they are also helpful in addressing possible nutritional deficiencies, which does not only affect mental performance, but also the overall wellbeing of the entire human body.

How to Choose the Right Natural Brain Supplement for You?


Once you have decided to opt for a natural brain supplement, the next step is to find the perfect supplement for you.

There is a vast variety of different supplements you can choose from on the market today, which makes the decision extremely difficult for most people. How do you really know which supplement you should choose to achieve the best results without potentially experiencing adverse effects or perhaps waste your money.

For these reasons, a person should first educate themselves on the pros and cons of natural brain supplements[3], as well as prepare a basic checklist that they can use while doing research on different supplements that are currently available for sale.

It is also important not to limit the search for an effective brain supplement to local stores only, as many of the supplements that do provide effective results can only be found on the internet.

Be Brain Fit[4] explains that a person should at least ensure that a supplement they wish to opt for meets the following basic requirements:

Good Manufacturing Practice

  • Quality assurance should be provided, such as the fact that the product is produced in a facility that follows the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.
  • Ensure the ingredients provided in the supplement is at least included at a therapeutic dosage. No matter how effective the ingredients of a supplement is, without an adequate dosage of these ingredients, the supplement will be useless.
  • Closely inspect the ingredient list and supplement facts sheet – by law, every single ingredient contained in the capsule needs to be listed. Make sure the supplement does not utilize any type of additive or fillers that would reduce the actual value of the supplement.
  • Consider every single ingredient contained within the supplement’s formula. Do some research on each of these ingredients and only opt for a supplement that contains ingredients that have been proven to work effectively through official scientific studies.
  • Try to opt for supplements that are produced by a particular brand and sold by that brand solely. Many private label products are available on the market, but these supplements often end up being simply a waste of money.
  • Ensure none of the ingredients contained within the supplement’s formula can cause dangerous side-effects. The fact that the ingredients are all-natural does not mean they cannot lead to adverse effects. Also ensure the ingredients will not have an interaction with any medication you are currently taking.


  • Also look if the company that produces the supplement you are interested in offers any form of guarantee. If the product does not work for you and there is no guarantee, then you would end up wasting your money. Opt for supplements that come with at least a 60-day money-back guarantee to ensure you have an adequate amount of time to test the product.

Choosing a product such a Noocube that offers a formula that is based on scientific evidence, a 60-day money-back guarantee and an easy way to get in touch with the customer care team is an excellent choice.

This particular supplement also contains a range of ingredients that have been developed based on many years of scientific research; thus offering a safer alternative to the supplements on the market that does not have any proof that their product works through extensive clinical trials.


Memory, concentration and overall mental performance have an important part to play in our everyday lives. Not being able to focus, process information adequately and utilize the memory functions of our brain means a considerable reduction in our productivity, which could put our careers in danger.

Poor mental performance does not only affect how we function in the workplace, but may also have hazardous effect in our day-to-day lifestyles, even affecting our relationships with friends, family, and other loved ones.

While there are certain diseases that should be considered when these symptoms develop, many people experience issues with their brain function due to everyday stressors instead.
In this guide, we have taken a look at some of the most common daily issues that cause poor mental performance.

We also considered how taking a natural supplement every day could be useful in providing a significant boost in cognitive function, and we considered some important facts that people need to keep in mind when they do decide to opt for a natural brain enhancement supplement.

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