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We all strive to keep ourselves as healthy as possible since succumbing to diseases and illnesses can be quite problematic and interfere with our abilities to conduct daily activities.

While defending ourselves against diseases, we often fail to realize that we often poison our own bodies through what we eat, where we live and what we do – it is not only diseases that affect the mind’s abilities, but also stress, depression, a poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle that does not include an adequate amount of exercise.

Fortunately, it is possible to counteract the problems that have started to develop and restore optimal brain function.

Some lifestyle changes may be in order, but combining such changes with a high-quality supplement that has been developed specifically to address mental performance issues may speed up the results and even provide more significant improvements in brain health and cognitive abilities.

The problem when it comes to buying nootropics and brain enhancement supplements is that the market has been flooded with thousands of products that are being promoted as “better than the rest”.

This makes it simply too difficult to decide on which product to buy, and since the FDA often reports on unlisted ingredients that make natural supplements potentially harmful, there is a concern amongst the general population that they may unknowingly buy such a supplement and end up hurting their health instead of offering benefits to their mental performance.

Here, we would like to take a closer look at the numerous reasons why you may be experiencing a reduction in your mental performance, as well as consider how you can improve these symptoms and restore your optimal cognitive performance.

In addition to discussing these aspects, we also want to take a look at some of the top memory enhancement supplements that you can buy in 2019 to help you improve your ability to remember information and focus on tasks you are conducting.

What Causes Memory Loss and Poor Concentration?

 Memory Loss and Poor Concentration

The brain is one of the most complex organs in the human body, and even though many scientists have conducted extensive studies to help them better understand exactly how the brain works, a lot still remains a mystery.

One particular aspect that causes scientists to frequently conduct experiments, studies, and clinical trials is the fact that a large number of people suffer from cognitive impairment[1]. In some cases, cognitive impairment may only cause mild symptoms, such as brain fog, but there are also cases where more serious mental impairment may become present.

In more serious cases, a person may experience severe memory loss, be unable to focus and concentrate, and might not be able to efficiently process information.

A variety of issues can contribute to poor concentration, memory loss, and other mental impairments. We would like to take a quick look at the numerous issues that have been associated with these particular symptoms:

Sleep Deficiency

Sleep serves a vital function in the body’s wellbeing, especially the brain. During sleep, the brain needs to conduct several processes that are essential for optimal functionality the next day.

WebMD[2] explains that when a person is unable to obtain a sufficient amount of sleep, they are likely to suffer from poor concentration, irritability and memory loss the next day. Continuous sleep deficiency has longer-term adverse effects to be concerned about as well.


While the majority of the worldwide population has a significant amount of stress to deal with, how a person deals with their stress has a considerable impact on how they are affected by the stress.

As stress piles up, a person becomes more susceptible to suffering from a variety of adverse effects that stress has on the body. The mind is especially prone to be affected by high levels of stress. These effects can cause memory loss, poor concentration, and many other problematic symptoms.


Depression causes feelings of sadness, demotivation, inadequacy and has also been linked to more serious problems, such as suicidal attempts. This mental illness also greatly affects the way we think[3] and process information.

In turn, depression may cause a variety of mental symptoms, including poor overall mental performance, memory loss and more.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

A large percentage of the general population needs to take certain prescription drugs on a daily basis. Additionally, a lot of people tend to rely on certain over-the-counter medication to counteract certain symptoms they may be experiencing.

Many of these drugs can have a significant amount of adverse effects on the human brain. Anti-anxiety medication, antidepressants, tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and many other drugs are known to cause confusion, memory loss and many other adverse effects related to mental performance.

Brain Diseases

Several brain diseases are known to also contribute to memory loss, poor mental health and many other adverse effects regarding the brain’s function and performance.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most well-known conditions that cause these particular symptoms, but there are some other diseases that may also have an adverse effect on cognitive function.

How to Improve Memory and Focus Without Pharmaceutical Drugs?

Memory and Focus Without Pharmaceutical Drugs

There are many ways in which a person can counteract the numerous adverse effects that they are experiencing regarding their overall mental performance.

The particular treatment option that will be administered to a patient will mostly depend on what may be causing them to experience these particular symptoms.

For example, when a person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, then adequate medication will be provided to the patient to help treat this condition.

Similarly, when depression is causing these problems, then the patient may be provided an antidepressant to help them fight back against depression and restore their mental function.

While certain diseases can be effectively treated with pharmaceutical drugs, there are many cases where a pharmaceutical approach to the symptoms a person is experiencing won’t be possible or necessary.

Taking drugs to help improve memory and concentration when lifestyle factors are causing these problems would only expose the body to potentially harmful chemicals – we want to protect our bodies and keep them as healthy as possible, not poison them with harmful chemically-formulated drugs.

There are numerous methods that can be utilized to improve mental performance and brain health without having to take any sort of pharmaceutical drugs.

The tips[4] we are going to share below primarily applies to conditions where the effects on memory and other mental-related factors are caused by reversible factors, and may not be useful at the same level when these particular symptoms are caused by a disease that directly affects the brain.

Brain Exercises

The brain is considered to be a muscle, so it should be exercised just as you would exercise the other muscles in your body.

Brain exercises help you to learn new things, it gives your brain a good challenge and it helps you develop new skills. Furthermore, the effects of these brain exercises can be quite rewarding.

Physical Exercises

Apart from brain exercises, you should also take the time to perform physical exercises as well. These exercises can also be very beneficial for the mind, and will also contribute to a healthier heart and body.

When you exercise, important brain chemicals are boosted and chemicals that are released during stress are reduced significantly.

Get Enough Sleep

When you do not sleep enough, your brain suffers. Thus, make a point of gaining enough sleep every single night.

It is important not to get some sleep one night and then consider the next night’s sleep to make up for your lost sleep. Create a sleep schedule that allows you to gain seven to nine hours of sleep every night for the most benefits.

Get Enough Sleep

Stress Management Techniques

Stress is another factor that has a detrimental effect on mental health. For this reason, if your life is filled with a lot of stress, you need to make sure you practice some effective stress management techniques.

There are many things you can do to help you better manage your stress, such as meditation, deep breathing exercises and sometimes just taking some time off may also help.

Eat Foods that Boost Brain Function

Many foods have been scientifically proven to assist with improving brain health and contribute to better mental performance.

Introducing more of these foods into your daily diet can help you improve your cognitive function. Examples include food that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as seafood.

Top Memory Enhancers of 2019?

Along with the numerous tips we have shared above, we also want to emphasize the fact that taking an effective, high-quality memory enhancement supplement on a daily basis can further help to improve memory, concentration and many other elements of your overall mental performance.

Unfortunately, as we have noted previously, there are simply too many memory enhancement supplements on the market today; thus choosing one particular supplement to use is an extremely difficult choice to make.

We have taken a look at some of the highest rated memory enhancement supplement on the market today to help our readers get an idea of which supplements they should opt for in 2019.

#1. Noocube

Our first choice for an effective memory enhancement supplement is Noocube. This is a professional-strength supplement that has been developed based on various scientific studies, as well as a variety of clinical trials.

The supplement offers a unique formula that only includes a series of all-natural ingredients, including certain vitamins and minerals that have been linked to cognitive decline when deficiencies of these nutrients are present. Noocube is an affordable product that can be purchased directly from the product’s official website.

The product is also backed by a large number of positive reviews. The majority of these reviews claim that the benefits of Noocube can be experienced in a relatively short period of time and that the supplement does not cause any serious side-effects.

#2. Mind Lab Pro

Second on our list is Mind Lab Pro, an advanced nootropic that combines some of the most effective ingredients that we see in professional nootropic products, but at a relatively affordable price.

The product has been developed to assist with enhancing problem-solving, improving memory and allowing a person to better concentrate on tasks they are performing. The product is also backed by numerous positive reviews, with the majority of these reviews providing a five-star rating for the product.

#3. NitroVit

Nitrovit is a cognitive enhancement supplement that is produced from 100% natural ingredients that have been proven to work in enhancing several aspects of a user’s mental performance, without causing any serious side-effects.

The product can be purchased from its official website and does not only assist with improving cognitive performance but also helps to improve mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. This product is backed by numerous positive reviews, which can be found directly on the product’s official website.

#4. Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain is another effective brain enhancement nootropic that contains Earth grown materials, as the manufacturer claims.

The product helps to reduce damage dealt with the brain by free radicles and offers a balanced list of ingredients that does not only assist with improving mental performance but also attends to symptoms of brain fog.

While the product is overpriced and contains a proprietary blend, it is still worthy of being added to our list.

#5. OptiMind

Last on our list of top memory enhancers for 2019 is OptiMind. This product is also an advanced nootropic that provides effective ingredients at therapeutic doses.

The product comes with a free trial option that allows a person to first try the supplement before they make an investment. The only drawback to OptiMind for many users would be its price – it is priced significantly higher than many of the other similar products on the market, but considering the ingredients, it is still considered a smart purchase.


Poor mental performance can be quite problematic, leading to a significant reduction in productivity, as well as many issues arising in a person’s everyday life. Many factors have been associated with a decline in mental health and impairments in mental performance.

Depression, stress, dementia, excessive alcohol use and many other problems can contribute to the development of these particular symptoms.

Certain lifestyle changes may assist with combating these particular issues, and combining these strategies with an effective memory enhancement supplement may help to provide more impressive results.

In this post, we have provided an overview of the top memory enhancers that you can opt for in 2019.

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